Mail Offer – Indigo®️ Invitation Number & Zip Code credit card mail offer gives you the opportunity to respond to their Mail Offer online and get yourself pre-approved for the Indigo®️ Platinum Mastercard®️. Simply enter the Invitation Number and Zip Code (provided in your letter) to get started.

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Best for people working on their credit

Indigo® Platinum Mastercard®

Intro bonus Annual fee Regular APR Credit Score




Bad to Fair  (300 – 670)


Get Access to Possible Luxuries Through

In the contemporary world, events come together through words of mouth but certain occasions still demand written invitations and prospectus. Applying for a MasterCard will let you have the mail offer invitation; entertaining all of your queries and concerns.

First things first we have to look into what actually is an Indigo Platinum MasterCard.

Credit Score Required: Fair Credit, Bad Credit

Recommended FICO® ScoreΘ Rating
Poor – Good, New to Credit, Rebuilding

Indigo Platinum Mastercard Key APRs & Fees

One-time fees$0
Monthly fee$0
Annual fee$0-$99
APR on Purchases24.9%
Intro APRNot Offered

Additional Card Details

Max Late Fee$40
Max Overlimit Fee$40
Max Penalty APR29.9%
Smart ChipNO
Cash Advance APR29.9%
Cash Advance Fee1st year 0%, either $5 or 5% after
Grace Period25 Days


  • You won’t have to pay a security deposit, which means you’ll have more money in your pocket.
  • Pre-qualify for a credit card without jeopardising your credit score.
  • Make a statement with a credit card that is as distinctive as you are.
  • Get a credit card that you can use anywhere you see the Mastercard logo, including online, in stores, and in apps.
  • Improve your credit score in a optimal way.
  • Spending is worry-free with no accountability for unauthorised charges!
  • More credit for your day-to-day requirements


  • Those with strong credit scores are usually eligible for the Indigo Platinum Mastercard Credit Card (650 or greater).
  • You must be a permanent or temporary resident of the United States to obtain this card.
  • You must be at least 18 years old (19 in Alabama), have a valid Social Security number, a physical address in the United States, and an IP address in the United States.
  • You haven’t had an overdue Indigo Mastercard account charged off on your account.
  • You meet further credit qualification standards, such as a review of your income and debt, as well as identity verification.

Indigo Platinum MasterCard (

Being a no-frills credit card, this stands out as having a reputable niche in the market. The hustle and bustle of our daily lives does not let us put our trust in many credit card providers. Setting itself apart from other cards in this category; is known for their user-focused services. is an invitation mail offer sent out by one of the trusted and reliably worthy bank in the US. The offer invites you to apply for one of the best range of card services provided by Indigo, Indigo Platinum Mastercard being one of them. The most superior and advanced services that this card scores include 24/7 access to your account and access to customer support, services that envelop free online bill payments, paperless statements, and much more. The customer service is remarkable and user-oriented.

Things you should know about the Indigo Platinum MasterCard

1.    Helping in the credit building process:

They make the customers know about their collaboration before subscribing for anything. TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax are there three major credit bureaus, helping them to lead, improve and establish credits. In addition to these, the on-time payments over this card serve as a springboard for good and authentic financial responsibility. Imperative to maintain a low balance, credit utilization will eventually add into your credit score.   

2.    Easy process for application:

It is a trust point for any cardholder that the process through which they subscribe is easy and understandable. The card holds a pre-qualification tool to give you an early indication of approval. The audience ranges in a wide spectrum ranging from ones with poor credit to ones with bankruptcies that have the potential to be approved. In addition, there is no such security deposit required for Indigo Mastercard.

An initial credit limit of $300 is set for practical reasons to develop credibility with the bank.

3.    No reward programs allotted:

Cardholders are provided with different reward programs, usually with service fees or annual fees. Indigo Mastercard has no such fees, thus has no rewards currently. There are cards from some very reputed banks that offer 1% back on all purchases made by the customers but unfortunately, charge $0 to $99 annually. It is advised that if you had to pay the annual fees, do extract the benefits as much as possible.

4.    A smooth Access to MasterCard benefits:

The card itself offers some very authentic benefits. Some of those include, Mastercard ID theft Protection for monitoring your credentials like social security number, email address, card details and much more. Not only this, the Mastercard zero liability policy makes you aware of unauthorized and fraudulent activities and does not hold it against you. The benefits do not end here but you can also apply for free (without any cost) monitoring through Transunion while you’re a cardholder.

One cannot deny this card is the best option for starters to grab the possible opportunities.

How to respond to the Invitation Number Mail Offer?

As soon as you get the mail, the very next step is to comprehend how to respond to the mail offer. The mail itself is very comprehensive with details on how and what to do next.

There will be a link at the end of the mail titled, Open that up and you’ll be directed to the page for card subscription.

We now know about the advantages of the Indigo Platinum Mastercard as well as how to reach the page, the application to register can be followed through the following steps.

How will you apply for the Indigo Card?

When you open the link to, you’ll be directed to a form asking for your necessary credentials.

A web-form will appear, provide the information best to your knowledge as accurately as possible to avoid any inconvenience in future. The page itself will guide you from one step to another as you complete the form.

  1. Provide your name (middle name and last name too).
  2. Add the suffix (optional).
  3. Provide the page with your complete address. As stated on your papers.
  4. Add the city, state and zip code for your area.
  5. Please add the email address where you wantto be contacted later. (it is advised to add the same email address, where you got your invitation mail; making the Celtic Bank or others to update you about the application, account, and other special offers)
  6. It is good to provideyour phone number as a correspondent if your mail didn’t work unfortunately. If you provided a cellular phone number or a number that is later converted to a cellular phone number, you consent that Celtic Bank can contact you about your Account.
  7. This information will lead you to the next step of adding your original date of birth. Every step is well defined with its terms and conditions on the page.
  8. Add the social security number in the required bar.
  9. The form is well defined,informative and developed. The form will inform you of all the annual fee policies that is directly proportional based on your profile review.
  10. The last step to apply for Indigo Mastercard is that you’ll click on the accept button. But before doing that, make sure to look at the consent note provided at the site that says; you have agreed to Genesis FS Card services. Inprivacy policy, you may also want to consent to Electronic Communications. In the consequence, you had to agree to the term and conditions as well as to receive all the important notices electronically.

After this ten-step procedure, you’ll see if you’re pre-qualified for the Indigo Mastercard. If you do not meet the requirements for the master card, the site will direct you to other appropriate cards.

To add in your knowledge: “Pre-qualification doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed approval. Even if you are pre-approved you still must submit the necessary information in the application to get reviewed and credit approval by the issuing bank.”

What happens next after applying for the Indigo Card?

Once the application process is completed successfully, you will be hearing from the bank within 8 to 10 business days. The time might seem long but once all your credentials are reviewed properly, you will be contacted with an update. But in case, your application gets rejected, the bank will take notes to inform you as soon as possible via mobile contact number or through a mail.

You Should Know: If none of these happens and you did not hear from the bank representatives, wait for a week as the application might be in the pending process. You may call after this waiting time to inquire about your card application.

You might think why one would apply for the Indigo Platinum MasterCard and not any other card.

Why choose over others?

As has been around for years; enveloping different credit cards, Platinum Mastercard being one of them. The mail offer will direct you to the site, having thousands of positive customer reviews is the very element that sets them apart them from being a scam.

In addition to this, the services provided by them are reliable and accurate. Based on the responsible use of the credit card, credit scores can easily be rebuilt or built. The representatives take all of their customers as their responsibilities and remain in contact for any kind of guidance or help. Your questions and concerns will be attended to by their customer support immediately. This is the most remarkable element of Indigo Mastercard as we know that financial stress is for real.

Elements that will enhance their versatility along with legitimacy.

Credit Required: Fair

Annual Fee: $0

Purchase Rate: 25.67% variable APR.

When the other cards provided by apply some annual fee, platinum card is free from such fuss. It does support the contactless payments, making you pay the bills quickly and easily. The benefits will keep adding as the bank reevaluates your credit performance after a time period of 6 months. Depending upon your credit limits, your credit line will be increased gradually.

And last but not least: You will be eligible for $0 fraud liability if under some circumstances your card gets stolen. No unauthorized purchases will be made in that period.

Human nature is to think of every extreme possible, so a question of mail offer qualification rises here.

Who is qualified to apply for the card?

Like every other card and bank requirement Indigo applies the same qualification and eligibility criteria. The qualification is directly proportional to credit reports, credit score as well as creditworthiness.  You can easily get approved if you have an excellent score. Although it is not a hard and fast process but do analyze your past spending habits before applying for a card.

Note! Pre-qualification will not impact your credit score.

The article has explained all the necessary information about the services and credibility of Indigo Cards. We will now switch to some important FAQs; believing in customers as their first priority, every question is answered to the point and in a very understandable way.

As to make a comprehended end, one would definitely think about the pros and cons of Indigo Platinum MasterCard.

Pros of Indigo MasterCard:

  1. Specially designed for customers with bad or zero credits score.
  2. The pre-qualification process is easy and smooth without any impact on credit.
  3. You can request for customized card designs.
  4. Payments are plane.
  5. Your credit score will be increased depending on spending habits..
  6. No security deposit required.

Cons of Indigo MasterCard:

  1. APR is a little high – but this is justified as you have low credit score. But, this may change as you gain credibility with the bank.

Reviews regarding the Indigo Platinum MasterCard:

The liability of anything is hidden in the reviews the user holds of it. By adding some reviews regarding the cards we want to make you aware of different aspect before applying for it.

Considering the customer service portal, the reviews are quite encouraging. Taking care of everyone’s privacy, we will not share the names and mailing addresses but some honest reviews of the customers.

  1. Before using the card, I was scared about the payments, but it’s been a year now and I’m having a smooth experience with the MasterCard. I’m glad that I didn’t unsubscribe my card. (credit karma member)
  2. The card did help me improve my CS. They do not offer any kind of CLI. I think the limited card limit is a thing but their practicability can’t be questioned through it. (credit karma member)
  3. Helping me start my financial career, I find this card a pure bliss. It provided me with the opportunities that other didn’t. I must say it is an ideal card for a start. (Credit Karma member).

After reading the good and neutral reviews about the card, I came to the question of idealism, that for whom this card is good for?

For whom is this card a Perfect Fit?

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard proves to be a good choice for people struggling with their approvals from other cards. Their credit history is positive and less than perfect credit is another thing to ponder.

We would suggest this card for the people having responsible spending and purchasing habits, so that it will ultimately help them increase their credit score and credit worthiness. Also, no security deposit made it an easy access to people with bad credits but trying to improve eventually. Reviews (from real people)

May 30, 2021: Expensive annual charge, but helpful for construction. The annual charge is high, with a maximum limit of $300, but the service is AMAZING. Bina93 –

May 24, 2021: Okay, but not great… It’s an excellent card to start with, but the apr is quite high; nonetheless, you can’t expect much more when you’re rebuilding your credit. The one drawback is that I’ve had the card for six months and there has been no rise, despite the fact that I’ve paid the card off virtually promptly after each purchase. It serves its purpose, but it could be better. – Tashatasha124

May 27, 2021: Assists with credit building and encourages me to spend carefully! – leecheeks – leecheeks – leecheeks

Popular Credit Card Blogs’ Reviews


Rating: Good

3.5 out of 5 stars.


Rating: Good

4.5 out of 5 stars

Editor’s Review

In my very own review, the card came up with a lot of facilities and opportunities. The one that inspired me the most was cash in advance. There are times of urgency when we need it the most.

I would recommend this card to the people coming from a financial situation who require favorable terms and policies to further grow their credit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who issues the Indigo Card?

The card is issued by Celtic Bank located in Salt Lake City, Utah; the state of the US.

What if one owns no credit, can he still apply for the card?

The Indigo Platinum MasterCard is ideal for less than perfect credit., click on the respective site to get yourself registered.

Payments can be made over the phone?

Unfortunately, there exists no such option till now. You have to clear the online form to get started. For any other guidance customer service assistance is available at 1-866-946-9545 (from 6:00am to 6:00pm, Pacific Time, M-F).

What is the surety of my approval?

The card itself is designed on the terms to help as many cardholders as possible but your approval is directly linked to your credit score. There is no such guarantee for it. As soon as your balance will meet the card specifications, you will be updated with a confirmation mail.

Can I open only one account at a time?

Yes, the Terms and Conditions of Indigo Platinum MasterCard restrict their customers to having more than one account.

Is there any question through which I can transfer the balance to my new Indigo MasterCard from others?

Currently, there is no such option of the balance transfer.

Why my card is not responding to foreign transactions?

Taking care of all your security concerns, the transaction may be declined. You must notify before making use of your card outside the US. Please call at 1-866-946-9545 to set a travel alert before you attempt to use your credit card internationally.

Do I have access to get cash advance with my Indigo Mastercard?

Yes, subjected to purely credit approvals, you can make use of your card to get cash advance in financial institutions. For this, read the Cardholder Agreement and the terms on cash in advance. If approved you can request a personal identification pin to be sent on your mail, making you at ease with payments and cash at many ATMs.

What is an Indigo Mastercard with chip?

It is basically a credit card embedded with a microchip, underscoring enhanced security and additional protection from fraudulent activities.

What if there is no such chip-enabled terminal at a retailer?

Simply swipe your card’s magnetic stripe in the slot provided by the retailers.

For clearing your queries contact them through the following addresses.

How can they be reached and contacted?

As you use the card, there might occur sometimes when you will be puzzled with its working or functionality. For solving these queries, customer support is always available. They can be reached out at the following address Genesis FS Card Services | PO Box 4477 Beaverton, OR | 97076-4477.

However, the toll-free customer service number is 1-866-946-9545.

Where should I send my card payment?

If you had to clear your Indigo MasterCard payment you will reach out at: Genesis FS Card Services | PO Box 23039 Columbus, GA | 31902-3039.

Where will I fax for my Indigo MasterCard?

The faxing address for Indigo MasterCard is as follows.

Fax address: (888) 325-4717.

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